It is a question that all parents eventually face: should we enroll our child in preschool? If you ask us, the answer is easy. Preschool has a wide variety of benefits for your child that will last well into adulthood. To help you decide if preschool is right for your child, we will look at three different benefits that you may not have considered.

Preschool introduces structure
A good preschool is structured, even if it may seem chaotic to the outside eye. Getting your child used to structured activity is important.

Socialization is important
Preschool is often the first time that your child will be introduced to a large group of peers. In addition, it will give them an opportunity to interact with adults who are not their parents. This is an important developmental step.

Prepare for kindergarten
There is no need to wait until your child is in kindergarten for them to begin learning. In fact, getting a head start on learning is something that will stick with your child throughout their academic career. Rest assured, the academics of preschool are well balanced, because your child still needs plenty of structured playtime. But getting any kind of head start is a major advantage for them.

If you are ready to enroll your child in a high quality preschool, we are here for you. Our preschool is much more than just childcare in Alpharetta; we can help to set your child up for lifelong success. Contact us today to learn more about all of our programs. We hope to hear from you soon!