Perks of Socialization

When it comes to early childhood development, socialization is one of the most important and beneficial skills a child can learn. By enrolling your child in a daycare like Joyful Praise Academy, your child will learn the fundamentals of interacting with peers and teachers on a daily basis. As your child ages, they will use these same socialization skills to develop healthy friendships and relationships moving forward.

Improve Language & Cognitive Skills

According to recent studies, a child’s vocabulary can grow from 900 to 2,500 words between the ages of 3 and 5. Teachers and childcare professionals can help your child develop language skills during educational activities like science, art and reading time. Your child’s cognitive abilities can also improve by engaging in daily hands-on activities that challenge them to observe and solve problems.

Nurture Curiosity

Young children thrive with caregivers who promote healthy growth and development. By enrolling your child in a daycare or early education system, your child will learn something new every day. With the help of teachers and supervisors, your child’s genuine curiosity and motivation to learn will be met with constant encouragement and creativity. When you place your child in an educational environment, exciting learning opportunities are just around the corner.

Develop Motor Skills

Providing your children with a secure and clean area to play and explore can be very fruitful. When a young child’s physical coordination improves, their confidence climbs with it. Premier daycare centers will provide several opportunities for your young one to run, climb and stay active throughout the day. If you have a young infant at home, an educational infant program could do wonders for your little one.   

Selecting The Best Daycare

Finding the best daycare to nurture and educate your child can be a challenge. When visiting different child care programs, it’s important to prepare a list of questions to ask the facility. Some popular questions include:

  • Do staff members have training in infant-toddler development?
  • Are your caregivers able to accommodate the special needs of children?
  • How do your caregivers handle discipline? Toilet training? Feeding?
  • Is the childcare environment sanitary and safe?
  • Are parents welcome to drop in any time?

At Joyful Praise Academy, we understand that children undergo several transformations as they grow, learn and explore. We offer a variety of creative educational programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. Contact our professionals today to learn more about our daycare and early education services.