One of the many subjects that we include in our creative toddler curriculum is sign language. Teaching toddlers to use sign language is beneficial for many different reasons. One of our main focuses with our toddler curriculum is to help your toddler develop skills that will allow them to have a head start when they start school. Here, we will look at a few different ways that learning sign language is beneficial for your toddler.


One of the major benefits of sign language is that it gives your toddler the opportunity to communicate with you before they have the ability to speak. You will be astonished at how clearly your child will be able to communicate their basic wants and needs once they begin to learn how to sign. This has the added benefit of reducing your frustration and stress as a parent. Children as young as six months have the motor skills required for signing, but toddlers as young as four months can begin to learn to recognize signs.

Reasoning skills

Learning to sign allows your toddler to begin developing their basic logic and reasoning skills much earlier than babies who are not exposed to this skill. This early development will help to give them a head start throughout the rest of their childhood.

Sign language is just one of several subjects that your toddler will be exposed to at our childcare academy in Alpharetta. Contact us today for more program information and to schedule your free tour of our facilities. We hope to hear from you soon!