If you’re like most new parents, you’re probably counting down the days until you can drop your little one off at preschool. Most preschools are designed to help the smallest students get ready for big-time learning that will begin when they start elementary school. As a parent, you may be wondering what is covered in a typical preschool class, and that’s why in this blog, we’ll look at what to expect when your child starts attending preschool.

At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, we’re proud to offer an innovative preschool program that is specifically designed to accelerate your child’s literacy and cognitive skills through various age-appropriate learning activities. All of our childcare programs are built on the foundation of a strong love of God, and our preschoolers spend their days exploring, learning, and sharing with others. To get more information on our programs or to enroll your child in preschool, call our learning center today!

The Basics of Preschool Curriculum

Since preschools are not governed by the standards that apply to K-12 education, individual schools have the freedom to teach what they please, in the manner they prefer. For example, Montessori preschools use specific materials and activities to encourage hands-on learning. While teachers may vary their educational approaches to suit the individual needs of each child, preschools are meant to prepare children for kindergarten. Let’s take a look at some key developmental opportunities for children placed in a preschool program below.

Preschool Helps To Establish The Teacher-Child Relationship

One of the most critical outcomes of preschool is establishing a proper teacher-child relationship. Research has shown that teacher-child relationships in preschool can have a significant impact on the developing brain of your child. This relationship can help to enhance developmental outcomes including academic performance, interpersonal skills, and even mental health. This is because young children tend to learn best through interactions with adults and children in a warm and trusting environment. Teachers also play a critical role in providing preschoolers with the encouragement necessary to build healthy self-esteem, confidence, and motivation.

Preschool Encourages Socialization With Peers

As a young parent, you already know how challenging it can be to encourage your little one to socialize. When you enroll your child in preschool, they will development social skills by interacting with peers and other children. Your child will learn to share, take turns, and communicate with others in an appropriate manner. This will teach them how to regulate their behavior and emotions when they interact with others as well.

As you can see, enrolling your child in preschool will only help them to grow as individuals. If you live near Alpharetta and you’re interested in signing your little one up for preschool, contact the childcare experts at Joyful Praise Academy today. In addition to our preschool classes, we also offer infant, toddler, and school-aged programs at our learning facility. If you’re interested in learning more about our Top Rated Local® child care programs or you have questions regarding our learning curriculum, contact our staff today!