Everything you need to know about our childcare:

Q. Do I have to pay any monthly fees for the Specials provided at JPA?

JPA is an all-inclusive program that believes that extra-curricular actives and developmental curriculum should go hand and hand. Parents are only required to pay the annual registration fees and the center will handle the rest!!
Specials are season and changes yearly but would consist of the following:

  • Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • Dance & Movement
  • Karate
  • Fitness
  • Soccer
  • Chapel
  • In-house Summer Camp

Q. Where can the uniform be purchased and are they required?

Uniforms are mandatory and are required for all students 2 year of age up. Parents have the option to purchase at any establishment of their choosing. French toast is the most affordable and durable brand that caters to students of all sizes that can be found online or in your local uniform store.

Q. What are the necessary steps I must take to enroll my family?

Simply complete the Registration package, provide a current copy of all Immunizations on a 1040 form, registration fees, tuition for first week of care and we will take it from there!!

Q. What schools does your center provide transportation to and from?

Please contact the center for an updated list as our schedule changes to accommodate the needs of the community.