As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your infant in someone else’s hands. At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, our childcare specialists believe that instilling a deep and profound love for both education and God can begin at any age. Our infant program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of infants, providing them with a safe and comfortable environment to grow and learn at their own pace. When you bring your child to Joyful Praise Academy, our passionate teachers will work with you and your infant to ensure their first transition away from home is a joyful one.

Personalized Care To Foster Foundational Skills

At Joyful Praise Academy, we offer infant programs with low student to teacher ratios, so your child is sure to get the individual attention they need on a daily basis. Our childcare specialists are dedicated to the developmental growth of each and every one of our students, which is why we provide engaging activities in a calm and secure environment to properly foster your infant’s early foundational skills.

dreamstime_xxl_63007150Cognitive Development

Our infant daycare programs are specially designed to meet the early cognitive needs of infants. While early brain development is dependent on a variety of factors, our attentive caregivers take a holistic approach when it comes to supporting your child’s cognitive growth. We’ll expose your infant to a variety of activities designed to help them achieve various developmental milestones.

Social & Emotional Development

When you bring your infant to Joyful Praise Academy, our dedicated childcare professionals will help your child develop and establish positive rewarding relationships with other children and adults. We’ll work one on one with your infant to ensure they are comfortable interacting with others by promoting daily communication, sharing and listening techniques during their day to day activities.  

Physical Development

The physical development of your child can depend on a number of things, such as your child’s unique characteristics and the structure of their daily activities. At Joyful Praise Academy, we’ll work with your infant on a daily basis to to hold their own head up, sit up on their own, crawl, stand, and eventually walk, without assistance.

The Joyful Praise Academy Difference

At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, your infant will receive the quality care and attention they need to grow into healthy and happy individuals. We’ll work with your child to achieve developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, so they acquire their foundational skills at an early age. Our childcare specialists also provide quality toddler programs, pre-school programs and school age programs for children throughout Georgia who are looking to continue their developmental growth at every age. If you’re ready to take the next step in your infant’s education, contact Joyful Praise Academy today!  

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