At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, we’re passionate about providing our school age children with fun, Christian-centric activities and programs to help nourish their education and faith. Our students are picked up from various schools throughout the Gwinnett and Fulton County area by our insured drivers who safely transport them to our educational facility. When you sign your child up for our school age program, they’ll be immersed in a safe and comfortable environment where they can work on their homework, get tutoring from one of our childcare experts or socialize with other children. All of our students receive an evening snack, so you’ll never have to worry about your child’s tummy growling when they’re at our facility. Contact us to learn more about our childcare programs or schedule a walkthrough of our facility today!

K-12 Educational Programsdreamstime_xxl_41815797

Whether your child is seven years old or seventeen years old, Joyful Praise Academy offers enriching learning opportunities for children of all ages. Our Christian-based program encourages kids to engage in physical and mental activities that are specifically designed to meet their growing educational needs. Your child will grow emotionally and behaviorally when they feel the positive benefits of building relationships and making new friends at our childcare facility. Serving as a unique bridge between the home and school connection, our school age program is a great after-school option for working parents and relatives.

Benefits Of A Before & After School Program

Signing your K-12 grader up for a before or after school program can benefit their life in a variety of ways. Recent research suggests that an effective child care program can help improve your child’s classroom behavior, school attendance and academic aspirations. When you sign your child up for the school age program at Joyful Praise Academy, you can rest assured your child is receiving the one-of-a-kind attention they deserve. Our experienced caregivers will help lay a solid foundation of healthy habits for your child, surrounding them with positive opportunities and support whenever they may need it. Contact our childcare specialists today to learn more about our facility!