1. The Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In An After-School Program

    If you’re school-age children spend hours home alone after school because you work late, consider enrolling them in an after-school program. Most children who are home alone after school spend their time engaging in non-productive activities such as watching television, playing videogames and avoiding homework at all costs. At Joyful Praise Academy in Alpharetta, we’re proud to offer fun and e…Read More

  2. Key Benefits of Early Childhood Education

    Perks of Socialization When it comes to early childhood development, socialization is one of the most important and beneficial skills a child can learn. By enrolling your child in a daycare like Joyful Praise Academy, your child will learn the fundamentals of interacting with peers and teachers on a daily basis. As your child ages, they will use these same socialization skills to develop healthy f…Read More

  3. Preparing Your Child for Daycare

    Starting childcare in Alpharetta can be a tough transition for some children. For many kids, this will be the first time they are apart from their parents for significant periods of time. Luckily, there are many things you can do as a parent to help them prepare for this transition. In this blog, we will cover a few effective tips that can help you prepare your child for daycare. When you’ve fin…Read More

  4. Discover Everything You Get With Our All-Inclusive Tuition

    Joyful Praise Academy is a Top Rated Local® childcare facility in Alpharetta. We provide quality care for children in the area, including infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children. Childcare isn't all that's included in our tuition, though. We've created an all-inclusive tuition structure that is cost effective while providing tons of great extras for both children and their families. …Read More

  5. Four Reasons You’ll Love Joyful Praise Academy

    When you are searching for childcare in Alpharetta, we know that you want to find the best solution for you and your family. Childcare needs to be something that enriches your family, helping your children succeed while allowing you to focus on your career and other important aspects of your life. Be sure to consider Joyful Praise Academy in your childcare search. Here are four reasons we know you…Read More