I think this is a great facility

On my first visit to the JPA facility I was very impressed by the way the kids were lined up in their uniforms with their hands to their side and so obedient. They didn’t say a word until told to do so. I had been to several other facilities that day but had not seen anything like this. That is when I knew that was the place I wanted my baby to go. I also noticed that it was a very clean and organized facility. Not to mention the price was very reasonable for the area. My son has been going there for 4 years now and he has learned so much! He is constantly singing songs he has learned around the house and telling me things he has learned such as sign language, Spanish, and days of the week. Miss Carmen and Miss Iysha are both great with the kids and Miss Chawanda is very professional. So far I have referred two people who are also very happy with JPA and will continue to refer others because I think this is a great facility and feel very comfortable with leaving my child there. I only hope I get this lucky when I have to find a school for him next year.